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Musical Genre: Contemporary Jazz & Jazz-Blues
Formation: Guitar, Double-Bass, Drums

The trio’s formation is typical of a modern jazz outfit, 
where the electric guitar plays the main harmonic and melodic role, 
over the rhythm base of the drums and double-bass, which is free to follow 
melodic lines in counterpoint with the guitar.

The trio offers a repertoire of original compositions influenced 
by various sources, but also recreations of contemporary compositions 
and classic jazz standards, using modern sound and special arrangements 
while giving space to improvisation.

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photo by Salvatore Santoro

Guido Premuda: guitars
His style and compositions are testimony to his thorough jazz grounding and interest in ethnic music and European and Mediterranean culture. He studied jazz guitar harmony and improvisation with the maestro Tomaso Lama.
He has attended seminars held by Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell.
He is a SIAE composer, author of the original compositions played by the trio.  
He played in Paolo Conte’s Orchestra on the 1983 and 1984 tours. In 1986 he founded together with Felice Del Gaudio and Sergio Piccinini, the jazz group “Time Trio”. He then went on to form, in 1991, the ”Acoustic Guitar Duo” together with the guitarist Stefano Mirandola and they recorded the “Vagogirando” cd in 1997. In 1993 he founded the ensemble of contemporary acoustic music “Next” with Enrico Guerzoni on cello and Luigi Albertazzi on drums.
Finally, in 1994, together with Gilberto Grillini and Alessandro Dalla he founded the contemporary jazz group “Premuda-Grillini-Dalla”. In Basle (Switzerland) in 2009 he created an acoustic duo (classical guitar & English horn) with the English musician Katherine Pigott.

Gilberto Grillini: double-bass
His first approach to music was in the 70s, when he began playing guitar in various rock and pop groups, to then move on to the bass guitar in local jazz rock groups (“Business Group”). At the beginning of the 80s he got closer to jazz and began studying double-bass under the guidance of the maestro (double-bassist/lutist) Luigi Laterrenia. In that period he began studying theory of classical and jazz harmony.
He played in various blues and rock-blues groups (“Modern Blues Orchestra”) and started a collaboration with guitarist Guido Premuda, and together with drummer Alessandro Dalla, founded the homonymous group in 1994. For several years he has collaborated with guitarist Marco Librio and drummer Stefano Pantaleoni and together they founded a jazz fusion trio. 
Recently he has set up a 
collaboration with guitarist Marco Bittelli, with saxophonist 
Stefano Scippa
and with Mauro Rolfini (bass-clarinet/guitar).

photo by Salvatore Santoro

photo by Salvatore Santoro

Alessandro Dalla: drums and cymbals
He began studying drums in 1980 with the drummer Alberto Montalbini, while at the same time getting involved in jazz music, becoming an expert.  
He played with various local rock groups (Luca Testoni rock band, Sergio Miali group), blues (B.B.B. Band) and jazz (Claire Cosma, Cavallari-Mazzoni Quartet, Marco Bittelli Trio). He then went on to broaden his jazz drumming studies with the maestro Carlo Chiarelli
Interested in Afro-American culture, he developed a personal rythmic-percussional style that is well suited to a trio.
Meeting guitarist Guido Premuda and double-bassist Gilberto Grillini was important as they founded the homonymous group in 1994.
Since 2005 he has occasionally collaborated also with American singer-pianist Irene Robbins, with saxophonist Stefano Scippa, with guitarist Marco Bittelli and with Mauro Rolfini (bass-clarinet/guitar).

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