the Next project

Contemporary Acoustic Music

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1)   Mirto, Lentisco e Fillirea  
2)   Erba Volant   
3)   Coto Doñana  

4)   Skylife Colours  
5)   Nowhere City  
6)   Desert Cycle  
7)   Blues Extension  
8)   El Niño  
9)  The First Spring Day
10)   Girasoli 
11)   Sa Genti Arrubia  
12)   Lucie (

         Total Time: [52:23]
© All compositions by Guido Premuda

Guido Premuda: acoustic & electric guitars
Enrico Guerzoni: acoustic & electric cello
Luigi Albertazzi: drums
Gilberto Grillini: acoustic & electric bass

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The ensemble "the Next" was founded in 1993 with the idea of breaking down the 
rigid borders between the different musical genres (jazz, classical and ethnic). 
The project was conceived from the idea of a natural exploration towards music which captures the most 
significant elements of past traditions (ethnic melodies, classical dynamics, jazz improvisation and rhythm).
The meeting and the collaboration of musicians from different backgrounds and experience, 
enables the research into a music which belongs to the present, without renouncing the past.
The repertoire of the group is made up of original compositions written by Guido Premuda.

The atypical formation (cello, acoustic guitars, drums, double-bass) and the original 
repertoire (with ethno-jazz-classical influence) make the musical result extremely interesting.

Next offers Contemporary Acoustic Music live performances, with a repertoire of 
original compositions, rich in ethnic, classical and jazz influence, 
respecting past traditions but with a look into the future.

The musician plays with the scent of music to make the mix of notes, of structures, 
accents, phrases, dynamics into a superfine dish and original.
A collection which presents itself as a careful choice, with Middle Eastern fragrances, remote echoes of folk, 
brave and unexpected visits into musical passageways and along paths seldom, or never explored.
The musical suggestions which arise through listening to these original compositions leave an 
unusual listening flavour which leads to the desire to repeat the experience.
The balanced “blend” of distant stylistic origins, the mixture of acoustic and electric instruments 
under the perceptive direction of Guido give us distinct flavours, but which derive from 
the stylistic direction of the innate talent of Guido for musical composition and creativeness.

Tomaso Lama


(USA) .. Premuda is the lead, playing lyrical 
acoustic guitar .. on “Nowhere City,” spinning out slow-winding .. electric lines 
on “Desert Cycle,” and pecking spiralling Jazz chords on “Blues Extension.” 
There is a lot of smart variety to this group’s work.

Jerome Wilson

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